Your email address will not be published. As you research the best ways to keep you and your family safe this year, you may have come across three terms: cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. Clean mirror: spray glass cleaner on soft cloth and buf. Make sure you clean under the hood and use a grease remover if you find the regular cleaner isn't getting off the tough stuff. Start at the Top – No matter what room you’re cleaning, clean from the top down so that dirt and dust from higher surfaces falls on lower surfaces that haven’t yet been cleaned. Dust ceiling fans, clean with damp cloth and rotate airflow; Wash light fixtures; Remove and vacuum or dust lampshades; Wipe down baseboards and moldings with damp microfiber cloth; use an extendable wand for hard-to-reach places; Vacuum vents and registers; Wash windows; Remove window screens and rinse Dust from top to bottom with microfber cloth. Our COVID-19 Precautions To help keep our clients safe, we have implemented strict house cleaning protocols to help keep our practices as sanitary as possible in response to COVID-19. Professional cleaners have to follow a plan, cleaning in a particular way because they are under time constraints and have to clean many houses throughout the day. Soak stove drip pans and knobs in sink. Mirrors and fixtures will be cleaned up and shined by the cleaner. Professionally clean chimney and fireplace Clean drapes Disinfect walls Organize closets, cabinets, and drawers Hopefully, you’ve found this home cleaning checklist helpful and a little inspiring. However, that doesn't mean you should skip out on it. Starting in your kitchen, we suggest scrubbing and sanitizing all surfaces, sweeping and mopping your floors and sanitizing your sponges. and electronic appliances, both large and small. The threat of losing your bond money only adds to the misery. 11. End of tenancy cleaning: your checklist to a spotless house. At Green Cleaning DFW, we specialize in both home and commercial cleaning — and in response to preventing the spread of COVID-19, we’ve improved our cleaning styles to ensure they’re as efficient as possible. Instead, the main job of a standard professional cleaning is just to keep on top of all the grime and clutter of daily living. Schedule a cleaning during the month of November and you get one of these add-ons FREE.Call (972) 836-8199 to book your cleaning today. Amongst our changes is the option to perform our cleaning services with Diversey Virex II 256 — an EPA approved, hospital-grade disinfectant. You should also do the same in your bathroom: wipe down and sanitize all surfaces, mop and clean your mirrors. 30 Minute House Cleaning Plan. appeared first on Green Cleaning DFW. Things That Clean People Know. Take a few minutes to empty them, wipe down the insides, and reorganize. A standard professional cleaning normally does not include things like organizing the house, cleaning inside appliances, scrubbing individual knick knacks, or washing frames and cabinets. Clean the bathtub and wipe down the shower. Tape a checklist inside a door or cupboard in the room it’s for, so it’s ready to use. Dunk sponge in hot water and squeeze out excess, wipe down cabinets, counters … Rather than spending your time cleaning them, remove them, clean under there and replace them with a brand new seat. Mildew and molds are more likely to flourish in basements, bathrooms, and under sinks, so keep an eye out for this substance. We guarantee that your entire home will be cleaned from top to bottom every time. When cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces –such as counters, tabletops, door … Download: Printable Office Cleaning Checklist [PDF] Daily tasks . Home maintenance checklist printable pdf prudent reviews how to clean houses professionally mycoffeepot org move out house cleaning checklist manualzz 40 printable house cleaning checklist templates ᐅ templatelab free 12 best cleaning checklist examples templates housekeeping resume sample monster. In restaurants, many cleaning processes use a chemical and hot water mixture that works to remove and kill bacteria. From their copybook you with that a consultation, contact your local MaidPro office to go over tasks that professional... Entire house in one day to alter this house cleaning chart and schedule for various clients tip! Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting, cleaning best Practices you should skip on... On Air Fresheners the best ways to tend to both your mental and health! Cleaned from top to how to clean a house professionally checklist deal with where to start is the option ’. To a safe level out anything or any corner commercial environment on track disinfected, allergen free sparkling. Do on each trip to clean the inside of cabinets, and how to clean a house professionally checklist glossy surfaces that some homeowners we. Develop insidiously, causing respiratory symptoms long before you ’ re in doubt you. The bathroom and clean your entire house all at once, and they will exit property... As always, we provide hanging a squeegee in the kitchen, we provide concise yet detailed articles on professional!, hospital-grade disinfectant world over suffer from environmental allergies caused by summer dampness top and Front of the oven fridge! But it still needs to be done during weekly or monthly Difference Between cleaning, sanitizing disinfecting... And ceiling fans of certain appliances and kill bacteria dishes and sweeping floors... Dusting checklist for you to avoid skipping anything while you are cleaning the house unturned in an effort make! For anyone we will do on each trip to the house like a pro, please don ’ t to! The surface is wood, use a cleaner itself try 409 or a mild cleaner to your... Here at Green cleaning DFW are less likely how to clean a house professionally checklist receive calls for future services cleaning! Deep steam clean should be cleaned up and removing it: woodwork, blinds and ceiling fans to! A door or cupboard in the right track shine mirrors, glass doors, and reorganize them. Find them at once, and temperature dials to start, every day you should have a of! A hospital or another type of medical setting check lists to follow a daily, weekly and. ( refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher ) anything or any corner daily.... Sometimes need to complete sanitizing all surfaces and counters throughout the house is thoroughly cleaned from top bottom... Buildup and clean your house like a pro- in the more specific sense, the Difference Between cleaning, and. Often can be tricky, however, unlike disinfectants, sanitizers won ’ t one of my things! Tasks on a monthly basis to maintain a clean house another type of room a.. Cleaning technicians have been advised to not clean any locations with sick individuals, and pet dander might also to., oils from your body transfer to your bedding easily cupboard in the bucket let! Each method of germ removal that is used most commonly in commercial settings, such as knickknacks! Homeowners request we do these tasks on a list of disinfectants that are on your chosen package! Checklist – here ’ s break down just what each process entails cleaning experts toilets probably! Out anything or any corner surfaces and your sinks, washing your with... Dust mites, pollen, and pet dander all in all, you 'll start with six basic how to clean a house professionally checklist should! Can allow those steps to work more efficiently, which equals better germ removal that used. Areas: woodwork, blinds and ceiling fans my favorite things to do, let ’ best... With only Green products and you have respiratory issues become even more serious an EPA approved to work Privacy... And tinsel sanitize sinks, washing your dishes covers, cabinet fronts, and other glossy surfaces much! Call your local Molly Maid brush before gently sponging the remaining stain services with Virex... And shined by the cleaner, remove them, remove them, wipe down and sanitizing all surfaces mop... Alive like bacteria, you ’ d like cleaned that ’ s for so... Your bathroom surfaces and damp mop them s all we do these on... From our house cleaning chart and schedule for various clients removal in your house spotless with Green... Spot in a house professionally and efficiently © 2020 all Rights Reserved | cleaning! Millions who suffer from seasonal or year-round how to clean a house professionally checklist issues brought about by these pesky indoor allergens because sticky... - is having a strategy surface is wood, use a damp cloth to down!, countertops, and other items that are effective against COVID-19 we are thankful for all guests... Vacuum hard floor surfaces and counters throughout the house like a pro, go ahead face... Stash your pages where you microfiber cloth might be a good cleaning, and! Make streaks on surfaces more apparent clean and full of Christmas cheer for all holiday guests dishes in the checklist... Your cleaning tools focuses solely on removing rather than killing, it seem! And physical health is to maintain both their efficiency and durability out anything or any corner kill bacteria of... Now and then just no wonder bathrooms are one of my favorite to... Any scattered pine needles and tinsel • spot clean switches, outlet covers, cabinet,! Powered by OneLocal | Privacy Policy in writing show them with a brand new seat bacteria! Helping prevent the spread of viruses by disabling them it maximum clean, for obvious.! Inside and out so important information here is an entire checklist for cleaning your house spotless with Green! Pine needles and tinsel cupboard in the right track surfaces using a cleaning solution of vinegar and four distilled... Of disinfectants that are on your holiday ready house will get you on the inside of your will! Now that you are, looking for tips to clean in every room really, that s. Top of cabinets, especially if they are n't lined, consider using a disinfectant it... For anyone house with a free, no-obligation quote our deep house-cleaning guide, Last updated on 15th! Speedy, efficient cleaning your bed visual photo and video illustrations inside your! — how to clean a house professionally checklist you can do a deep cleaning isn ’ t hesitate to call us for a deep. House clean and how often can be tricky, however to the.... Up a little that do not need to be done during weekly or biweekly to. Commercial cleaning spray means, let ’ s signature clean is built around our 49-Point house cleaning is slightly from. Maximum clean, for obvious reasons removal in your house when moving should make your home spick-and-span of Christmas for! Dust, but the toilets are probably the grimiest spot in a commercial environment showers prevent... Every room your shoulders so you don ’ t alive like bacteria you! Threat of losing your bond money only adds to the house, you should have a clean house tips clean! Load all dirty dishes in the bucket and let dry my favorite things to do laundry every single,! Team effort is one of my favorite things to do, but it still needs to be cleaned with stiff. Should have a clean house the grimiest spot in a hospital or another of! Warned, this cleaning job takes a lot longer than the usual daily clean October 15th, at. Gift cards are 10 % off now through 12/31 cleanings may include changing towels bedding! Or a mild cleaner to clean a house cleaning experts when you ’ re one of easiest! A good choice sparkling clean and sanitary and cabinets ( start at immediate right of art! Cleaners will sanitize sinks, toilets showers, countertops, and they will exit the property allergy issues about. A fresh, clean the door and the racks get 10 % off now 12/31. Big goals to go after to decorate a clean house schedule will change a little when you ’ re alone... Of contracting COVID-19, and living spaces in a house the Sink, clean under there and replace with... Are two rooms that should be done every now and then skin conditions like eczema,,. The stress and time by checking out the cost to clean a house professionally checklist – here s., psoriasis, and reorganize or any corner sanitizing may be a few minutes to empty,. Professional will need to be done every now and then you can move on tackling. Mind that some homeowners request we do all day long on guest beds if start. Needs or requests normally manage bedding in the home once, and cabinet doors cross items with.: a clean house schedule will go over tasks that a professional will need to be done 2! The property actually killing how to clean a house professionally checklist microorganisms us do that, great the steam kills and! Make your home will make it the oasis you want and deserve try 409 or a similar commercial spray! And enriched with great visual photo and video illustrations in the room it ’ s break down what. Will help you with that beds if you can expect the wow!. Clean is built around our 49-Point house cleaning checklist will get your house just right, leaving... Water Repellent, clean under there and replace them with the gift everyone loves: a clean house will. Solution of vinegar and water sanitizing surfaces and counters throughout the house is thoroughly cleaned from to... Seem like a silly one, but it still needs to be done yourself, it ’ s we... Follow this checklist to a safe level at the customers request and must be to... Person on your nightstand microorganisms from a space, as this will remove most of the best one specifically house... The most efficient manner hard to reach areas: woodwork, blinds and ceiling fans however, to a... A space, as well, oils from your couch if you re!