Chief Commercial Officer - Job Description, Salary & More. As Chief Commercial Officer for TACORI, Vaughan will lead the sales and marketing departments, spearhead the development and implementation of strategic growth initiatives, and … Chief Marketing Officer vs. Chief Communications Officer: Who Leads Who? In March this year, Heineken combined its global chief marketing officer and chief sales officer roles to create the position of chief commercial officer to “accelerate strategy delivery”. Many companies use the term Marketing Director with the same meaning as CMO. The Chief Growth Officer is a hybrid position that bridges the traditional departmental silos in B2B organizations such as business development, sales, marketing, operations, and information technology. Expertise in building, integrating, and leading high performance teams in an open, honest, fun working environment. The number of “CCO” appointments has globally slowly risen from five in 2001 to 56. A chief marketing officer (CMO) is an executive who is in charge of developing and overseeing marketing and advertising plans.The CMO reports to the CEO and is part of the C-level executive team.. Posted By: Trish Cunningham on April 13, 2015 Throughout the years, there have been many conversations about whether the C-suite appreciates the marketing and communications functions at their companies. Brian Hovey VP, Chief Marketing Officer Honeywell Personal Protective Equipment Division Charlotte, North Carolina Area 500+ connections So, it is worth taking a look at the difference between two related but distinct positions: Chief Product Officer (CPO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). View Chief Commercial Officer / SVP Sales & Marketing - RiteSite Executive Jobs - Resumes - $250,000 to $500,000 Successful at collaborating with Boards of Directors and senior leadership teams to create new products, new markets, and new profitable business relationships. In 2008, it quadrupled. Posted: (2 days ago) A company’s Chief Commercial Officer is responsible for overseeing the objectives and implementation of all commercial strategies. The CPO and CTO share the same goal as most executives do — to build and deliver the best possible outcomes for … However, some management and marketing experts stress that a CMO has a wider role than a marketing director. This has been the job of the modern Chief Marketing Officer for years now. One of the latest CxO titles that came up is the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). However, this leader may no longer be called a CMO, and new titles are being crafted to better express the strategic direction and execution responsibilities involved. The Chief Marketing Officer role in 2020 drives and unifies customer experience, brand purpose, creative communication, and marketing technology.