%5A535A2F362F302F5A2F5A2F5A5A5A2F5A2F5A535A545A2F5A5A5A2F5A2F %%+ 0 0 1 0 (Global Pure Yellow) %FFFFFFA85384A8FD09FF835959AFFD08FF7E7D52A8FD21FFA853A8A8FD05 %00FF0000FFFFFF0000FF00FFFFFF00FFFFFF %AI9_OpenToView: -157 620.0488 1.43 1676 901 26 0 0 2 83 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 Add to cart. %A8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FF %FFA9FFAFFFA9AF7EFF85FFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFF The large button activates the full flush and the smaller button activates the single flush. A dry toilet, as the name suggests, operates without any water to flush away poo or pee. ]n���5K�S��ՇU. %550000005500000055555555770000007700000077777777880000008800 The flush process of the Propelair toilet is similar to that of an airplane toilet – except, instead of sucking the waste, our toilet propels air … Not every flush requires all 9 litres to clear the pan. But this could soon change if Monni Mokwena has her way. Fit a dual-flush toilet cistern, i.e. Replacing %A8FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FF In many developing countries, water consumption is as low as 20 litres a day for the average person (what we used in Britain in the 19th century). A bubbling toilet: This is a common toilet problem we see as plumbers and is more common in complexes where houses share plumbing pipes and systems. Complete Your Modern Look. Keep updated on what they're doing to change the world. Low-flush toilets use a special design of the cistern and the siphon in order to allow the removal of faeces and excreta with less water. %FFA9FF7EFFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFA8 Pan Connector … [NEXT] Being from an area with poor sanitation and no access to water, Mokopane born, Monni Mokwena designed a water saving toilet called the 'Swallowing Toilet' that has gained her recognition. Things to Keep in Mind. How to Determine Your Toilet's Flush Volume The flush volume of a toilet simply means how much water is released when it is flushed. %AI5_ArtSize: 841.8898 595.2756 %070D070D070EFD0F0D0E0D0D070D070D07FD080D0EFD070D0E0D0D070D07 “This was created to prevent the smell from coming back to the house. %5A2F5353597E592F2F7E537E537E537D7D7E2F7E7D8453A8537E5A0D070E %FF84FFA8AFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFAFFFAF7D7D7E7DA85259527D59A827 %A8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8AF2E52527D decided to standardise toilet flush capacities across the EU! Pour water into the toilet tank, counting cups, until the tank has been filled to its full-line. %151414070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D07 An old-fashioned toilet tank usually has about 3-5 gal water in it, or roughly 11-17 liters. %7D302F592F7E595A0D5A2F53597E597D537E592F2F7E592F2F5A537E535A %59525253A8A9A9FFAFFFA98427A82E5252595252287D52847D525984F8A8 %A9FFAFFF7E59527D275359FFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA8FFAFFFA8FFA8FFA8A9 %FFAFFFFFAFA8525252847D5252527D7D7D52A8525252FF7DA87D53525352 %FFA8A8FD04FF7DA9A8A87DA8FFA953FD05FFAFA9FF7EFD09FFA8FD04527D Height of cisterns: 300mm to 420mm Flush rate (L/min): 2.2 Diameter of cover hole (mm): 38 to 45 Mechanism base: 2" Top or Front mechanism: TOP Control system: Cable control Water saving: Eco Stop Main characteristics: Adjustable overflow 240mm to 270mm. %84527E7DA87D847DA87E7D59847D59A8A9A9AFA8AFA9A8A8A9A8847D8484 Normal lavatories use between six and 12 litres for each flush and account for 30% to 40% of a household’s water use, so the new loo can save on water bills. Drop-the-Block is based on the principle of displacing just enough water to still enable the toilet to flush. %FFA8FD0FFFA8FFA8FFFFFFA8FD0DFFA9FD07FF84FFA9FD38FFA9FD23FFA9 %9933009933339933669933999933CC9933FF996600996633996666996699 %%Title: (how much water1.ai) Front Flush Close Couple Bottom Inlet Toilet Mechanism . %53FD09FF7DA87D52527D7D7D845252A852A8FD05527D527E527DFD06FF7E %FFA8FFA884275228A8597D5252527D7D7DA852597D527D7E7D525952522E For now, the toilet is in five homes as part of her research but she hopes to attract investors. Using a container of known size such as a measuring cup. %04847DFFA8A87E7D537D7DA8A8FD25FF7DA884A87EA9A8A87EA9A8AFA9FF %AFA8AFA9AFA8AFA9AFA8AFA9AFA8AFA9AFA8AFA9AFA8AFA9AFA8AFA9AF84 %FFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFA9A9FF7EFFA9FFA8FFA8525284527D7D7E7D84527D %FFA9A9FF7EFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFF %A87DA8A8A9A8FFAFA8A8FFA8A8A8AFA8A8A8A984A9AFFFFFFFA9FFFFAF7D %7EFF85AFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFAFAF %A8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8AFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8AFA8AFA8A9 Her invention — called the “swallowing toilet” — is fitted with a pipe that automatically stops more water than needed from flowing through the toilet when it’s not being used. endstream endobj 10 0 obj<>stream �3��y��3�x!ey'�8=lS!��iZe\?��������ru20�~�/{jfX1��C�v���8+�|�iV��!����bvvI�V�E�=P*�,p�{.���л��}Xb�87\#s��rEO'�c��>o��|�w�����n:y=����C�j��;Ŷ�5�S������sz7�hn7�?4�? %A8FFA8FD0BFFAFA9FF7EFD19FFA8FFFFA87D7D59A87DFF7DA87DA8A8FFA8 Rather use less water when bathing. VIEW PRODUCT VIEW PRODUCT. %7DFF7D7D527D5253A8FFAFFD07FF7DA87D7DA87D52FD047DFF527D7DFF7D %FFAFFFA9FFAFFFAFFFA8FFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAF Call governments or join rallies. %FF14141514151415141B1415141B1415141B1415143D1A15141B14151415 Water security . R357,32 incl tax. %0D070D070D7EA9A85A7EA9A9307EAFA87E5AA92FA97E5AA8A97EAF7E5A7E %FFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFA8FFFFFFAFFFFF7D52595253 %0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E Add to cart. Toilet Mechanism, for low-level front-flush toilet with fillmaster. Meanwhile, tenants in some of the flats she visited were complaining about the cost of running water. %3399003399333399663399993399CC3399FF33CC0033CC3333CC6633CC99 That’s right. “A five-minute shower can use between 40 litres and 70 litres, and flushing a toilet … With the standardization meaning that a half flushwill be three litres, a full flush will be five litres and urinal one litre it is no better time to fit a FlushKING unit in your toilet! %A9FFAFAFA8FFAFAF7EFFA9FFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAF %AI3_ColorUsage: Color %CC33CCCC33FFCC6600CC6633CC6666CC6699CC66CCCC66FFCC9900CC9933 %52A8525252A87D52527D527D52FD06FFA9FF7EFFA8A8A8FFFFFFA8FFA8FF %FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8AFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8 %FF5AFFA9AFA8AFA9AFA8AFA9AFA8AFA9AFA8AFA9AFA8AFA9AFA8AF84AFA8 %070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D %7DFD09FFA8FFFFA852FF5252277D7D7D52A827FD057D2752277D52527D52 )��R`�)��3�w��b��˻cO�&�^%��$My�,/���A3��H9��e�f^�i�?s�[�Xv�ۇf�9��f�.����'I�^%g�z�䷦mq���o��9�4��/��PoǏN��η�v�~�p� �;n�׼�/k����3�gקh�l6�{�g���@��e�����[rV����G������ۤl��䲩q�mL�1s!F��f5������m�p8����r��n�|2�Y����'}�������!PW��cp���|6˲�x��)���D�j�8#g�y�����~�>�ͧe��$y߭�!���\.��$ �&�4�.�m���Zn������=�M{���B����5�#����ـ�]�ݰ���@���/ �P�|xlVWݯ|�c��� %A8A87EFD04A8FD13FFA8A8A8FFFD08A87DA8FD0CFF7EFFA9FD38FFAFFD24 A prototype was manufactured from fibreglass and tested using a standard protocol for full flush toilets while limiting the flush to 1-2 litres. %7D52527DA87D277D527D527DFFFFAFFD05FFA87D7D527DA8A87D527D527D All Floor Tiles; Bathroom Floor Tiles; Outdoor & Slip Resistant Floor Tiles; Kitchen Floor Tiles; Living Area Floor Tiles; Garage Floor Tiles (Boxed) Add to cart. Federal law currently mandates that all toilets manufactured for sale in the United States use no more than 1.6 gallons per flush, but WaterSense-labeled models only require 1.28 gallons or less per flush. Toilet Plumbing. Sign in to start taking action. %AFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFA8FFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFF %000011111111220000002200000022222222440000004400000044444444 %141415141414151414141514141415141414151414141514141415141414 PENNYWARE 411-02001 BETTA CC CISTERN BIBO KIT. toilet of choice. By Penwell Dlamini - 08 July 2019 - 09:28 . Install a low-volume toilet, i.e. It very much depends on its age. The toilet has a small lever that you pull to flush. The pipe is also shaped like the letter “S”, but it blocks water except for when the toilet is being flushed. %AI3_TemplateBox: 421.5 297.7754 421.5 297.7754 Urine requires %%+ 0 1 1 0 (Global Red) %%AI8_CreatorVersion: 12.0.0 (We have used an average of 35 flushes per person per week in the house). %5A7E7E855A7E365A0D8530367E855A5A367E5A5A7E5A7EA97E857E36845A Bolero, with dual flush actuation, features functional geometric design and clear lines. %FFA8FFA9AF7EFF85FFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFF It uses 400 millilitres of water per flush, compared to the 13 litres used by traditional toilets. Propelair low-flush toilet needs little water It operates using just 1.5 litres: A two-section cistern separates the air from water. %5A8584845A850D7E5A857E5A2FA9840E7E7E5A5A3036847E5A7E5A363085 %FD14FF850D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E2F2F %CC0000CC0033CC0066CC0099CC00CCCC00FFCC3300CC3333CC3366CC3399 To qualify for this rebate program you must be replacing a toilet currently using more than 1.6 gallons per flush. %A87D7D847D7EA8A8A87D527E847E527D7E7D7DA8FFFFA8FFFFFFAFFFFFFF When a toilet flushes, 6 litres of water or more is instantly lost to the plumbing system. %2F0E0D0E0D360D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0EA9FD14FF5A0D070E0D0D070E VIEW PRODUCT VIEW PRODUCT. %52A87D7EA8FD077D27A8FFA8FD0BFFA87D7DA8FD047D52A8FD17FFA8847D %7D527D527D7DFD06FFA9FF7EFD19FFA9FD05FFA8FFA8FFA8FD07FFA8FD05 %0D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D5AFF14141B1415141B618B8561 %AFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFAFFFA8847DA87D7D Special Price R 1,680 was R 1,849.90. %%HiResBoundingBox: 165.4946 -91.3887 648.9355 549.8696 At least 2.2 million people in South Africa don’t have access to flushing toilets while, against this backdrop, pit toilets are putting school children at risk — with several students dying after falling into pit toilets at school. That’s a lot of water. Washing your hands requires 3 litres each time. %AFA8AFA9AFA8AFA9AFA8AFA9AFA8AFA9AFA8AFA9AFA8A9A9AFA8AFA9AFA8 %%DocumentProcessColors: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Dual-Flush Toilets are the latest and most efficient toilets available yet. Mokwena added: "Our toilet uses so little water that even rural communities could use it. Send petitions, emails, or tweets to world leaders. Flush the toilet and hold the flush lever until the toilet is fully empty. %FFAFFFFFA9A8A8AFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFA8FFAFA8FFFFA9A9FF7EFFA8FFA9FF My grandmother still spends a substantial amount of money of her pension to pay people who get her water from far,” she told Sowetan. You can check out our Privacy Policy to see how we safeguard and use the information you provide us with. Normal lavatories use between six and 12 litres for each flush and account for 30% to 40% of a … %AFFFFFFFAFFFFFAFAFFF7DFFFD06A884A8A8A8A98484AFFFAFA8A8A9A884 %AFFFAFFFA9FFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFF New toilets will using between 6 to 10 litres of water with each flush where high efficiency toilets can go below to even 5 litres of water. Meet other Global Citizens who care about the same issues you do. So if you’re planning an event and need some help in determining the best toilet hire solutions for your needs, It is an upgrade from the bucket toilet. %AI12_BuildNumber: 198 %A884FD047D52FD0DFF7EFFA9FD0AFFA8FD0BFFA8FD21FFA9FD23FFAFA9FF %7DFD04A8FF7DA8A8A87DFFA8A87DA8A8FFA87D52A87DFD05FFA9A9FF7EFD %7D7D527DA852A87E527D535252A85252535384FFAFFFFFFFA9A9FF7EFFA8 %FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FF7D847D84A8AFA8A8A8A9A8A87DFF7D %535A2F0D2F590D0D0DFD052F532F2F5A2F5A2F5A2F300D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E Find A Throne Fit For A King Or Queen. Modern toilet cisterns hold about 6 litres of water. Product advantages. %AI5_RulerUnits: 4 If you need help figuring out roughly how many toilets you will need, use our toilet … %A8A8A8FFA8FD1CFFA9A8A9FFFFA8FD11FF84FFA9FFFF59A87DA8527D7DA8 R 239.90. But It’s Not What You Think. %84A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A9 They ideally allow for a normal, full flushes of 5 litres (1.4 gallons) as well as half-flushes which are great for liquid wastes. %6699CC6699FF66CC0066CC3366CC6666CC9966CCCC66CCFF66FF0066FF33 %340C0B340B0C34590C59525A7C7E0C0C0B340C340C3484FFAF7E52FD1FFF %FD057D84597EA8FFA9FFA8AF7EFFA9FFFFAFFFFFAF7DA8527D7D7D525252 The dual flush allows the user to choose from a full flush (6 litres) to a part flush (3 litres). %7DA87D7D7DA87D7DA87EA8A8FD09FF7DA87D7D7DFD06A8FFA8527D7DA884 %AI3_DocumentPreview: None %7DAF84A8A8A87DA8A8FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8AF7EFFA9FD1AFFAFFD1DFF This is why, we recommend hiring toilets for events and industrial sites, water-wise porta-loos not only protect the environment but also improve sanitation. PAY ATTENTION: Click “See First” under the “Following” tab to see Briefly.co.za News on your News Feed! STEP 12 %FF66CCFF66FFFF9900FF9933FF9966FF9999FF99CCFF99FFFFCC00FFCC33 %FFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFA9A859 %FFA8AFA8A9A8FFA8A8A8597DA87DA9A8A8A8FFA8FF7DA87D7E53AF7D7EFD %FFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFA8FFAFFFFFFFAFFFAFAFAFFFFFA8 Welcome back! In order to create your account we need you to provide your email address. %%PageOrigin:0 0 Stay tuned for her story at 16:45. %A9FF7EFFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FF %FF7EFFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9 Every toilet flush sends about six to 16 liters of water to wastewater treatment centers. Our VIP trailer toilets allow you to have quality sanitation at your upmarket events. %FFFF7DFFA8FFA8A8A8FF7EA87DFFA87DA8FFA9FD06FF7DA87D7DFF7DA87D Urinals & Bidets. %FFA8FD07FFA9A9FF7EFD05FFA8FD0652A82752527D5252A8FD05FFA8FD05 %%+ 0 0.5 1 0 (Global Squash) %FF2752277D525252A87D7D527D527D527D5252527D7DFD09FFA852285227 %FFA9FD0AFFA8FFFFFFA8FD1BFFA8FFA8FFA8A8FD08FFA9FD09FFA8FD0BFF %A9FFAFFFA8FFA852A87D2E52527D5252287E52A852527DA9527D52A8527D %A9FFAFFFA9FFA8AFA8FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9AFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FFAFFFA9FF In 2005, groundwater levels were lower than they have been for 20 years, affecting the wildlife that depend… %FFFFFFA9FFFFFFAFFF847EAFFFA8FFAFFFFFFFA9FFFFFFA8FFAF7DA8A8A8 %AFFFAFFFAFFFA9AFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFAFA9FFA9FFAFFFAFFFAFFF Add to cart. Using a container of known size such as a measuring cup. Do not install a water saving tap on your bath as the bath will take longer to fill. %7D7D527D842E5328AFAFAFA9FFAFFFA9FF52522E527D84527D5352597D52 %84A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A97EA984A984A984A9 She credits her village life with helping her see the value of innovations that enhance the quality of life. %070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D070D %140E1414140E1414140E1414140E1414140E1414140E1414140E14070D07 %A8FFA8FFA8FFA8FFA8FFA8FFA884A9FFA8847DFFA8A9A8FFA8A9A9FFA8AF "I am a rural girl. %0E0E140DFD0CFF7D59FF7DA8FD09FFAEFFAEFFA8837DFD05FF84FD07FF52 %6600666600996600CC6600FF6633006633336633666633996633CC6633FF %AI3_TileBox: 0.289551 1.07538 841.8896 596.2754 2.2 million people in South Africa don’t have access to flushing toilets, In Parched South Africa, Water-Storing Football Fields Give Drought the Boot, Only 66% of South Africa Classroom Time Is Spent Teaching: Report. July 16, 2019 These toilets have been becoming more popular and are the best environmental decision as they, on average, use less than 4 litres (1.1 gallons) per flush. Tivoli Torino 80 Wall Mounted Concealed Cistern . %A9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9A9 20 years ago about 9 litres dropping down to now at about 4.5 to 5 litres. The term "bucket toilet" or "bucket system" is nowadays very much stigmatized in South Africa and politically charged. %A9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA8FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FF Protests against bucket toilets are still occurring. %AFFFA9A9FF7EFFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8FFA9FFA8 With UK toilets averaging 9 litres per flush and accounting for up to 70 – 85% of commercial water use in buildings it’s easy to see why traditional toilet systems have become inefficient for modern use. 2.1. The 25-year-old, from Bakenberg village in Mokopane, Limpopo, grew up without a flushing toilet; an experience that has turned her into an innovator. %FFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFAF %0D140D0E0D140D0E0D140D140D140D0E0D140D140D140D140D140D140D14 Dear all, Have you ever wondered why pour flush toilets are not common in Sub-Saharan Africa even though they are so common in... - Page 2 Are pour flush toilets a good idea for (South) Africa? %2E7D7D7D275252597D52285252527D595253525227FD0452AFA9AF7EFF85 %FFFFA9FD0CFFA8A8FD0BFFA8A8A8FFFFFFA8FD05FFA9FD05FFA8A8A8FD13 Trash should be discarded in the garbage. %2F0E0D0E0D0E0D5A0D360D302F842F360D360D7E7E5A0D0E0D5A0D360D0E %AFAFA8FFA8AFA8FFA9A8A9FFAFFFA9A8A8A8A9FFAFFFA9AF7EFF85FD04FF The water calculator reveals if one were to take a 10-minute shower, it would use 100 litres of water - twice a person&39;s daily water allowance from February. - Mokwena invented a toilet that uses less than half a litre of water to flush - She was motivated by the lack of flushing toilets in rural villages . When one toilet in a unit is blocked, water can push back up in another unit. A dry toilet, as the name suggests, operates without any water to flush away poo or pee. @��� Fa��8�1�ÇR��İ�[,�A[���]JJ����{��d�i�~�N"K��眹z�����n�c=�t��M�7���OnNN�v�������(�j&hT8u���_�~��V'�{�4�퇾^�5G��s�ܴ �������>�\o�^����ns,V��$�? %2F5A2F7E5A5A535A845A5A7E537E7E5A5A5A2F5A0D5A2F5A5A5A2F5A2F5A %FFA8527DFD1EFFA8537DFD08FFA9A8FFA8AFA8A9A8A97EA9FD08FF7D52A8 %2F5A2F7E2F5A2F5A5A5A2F302F5A0D5A84842F302F0E2F302F840D0D070E %527D5259527E7E2E5252597EAFAFA9FFA9A9FF5AFFA9AFA8AFA9AFA8AFA9 Betta Consul/Astina front flush close couple 2" outlet/ 35mm offset easi clean inlet/BIBO. %FD07A8FD0DFFFD05A8FFFFFD06A8FFA8A87DA87DA8FD04FFA9FD05FFA8A8 %7D527DA87D527D527D7D7DFD09527DFD06FF7EFFA9FD06FFA8A87DA8A8FF As of 2012, 5.3 percent of households in South Africa either had no toilets, or used bucket toilets. %FFFFAFA9FFAFAFA9FFAFFFA9FFA8FFAFFFAFFFAFFFA9FFAFFFAFFFAFFFAF H��Wko���. 2. %0E0D0D070E0D0D070E0D0D070D0D0D070E0D0D070E0D0D070E0D0D070D0D %%EndComments COMING UP on #BeDriven Each flush requires the addition of several litres of water to rinse waste into the 16 litre lower container. Don’t use the toilet … 9 litres. %6666006666336666666666996666CC6666FF669900669933669966669999 %0D0E0D0E0D0E0D0E0D5A0D0E0D145A0E0D360D0E0D140D0E0D5A0D0E0D0E %FFFFFFAFFFFFAFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFFFFAFFFFF Install water efficient (aerated low flow) taps on your basin or kitchen sink to save water. %FFAFFFAFFFA9A9FF7EAFA9AFA9AFA9AFA9AFA9AFA9AFA9AFA9AFA9AFA9AF %AFA8A87EFFA9FFAFFFFFFFFD08A87EFD05A884A9FD08A87DFFFFFFAFFFA9 ITD Spring Pan Connector White - 230mm To 300mm . %AFFFAFFFAFFFAFFFA9FFA8FFA8FFA9FFAFFFA8FFAFAFAFFFA9FFAFFFAFFF R 219.90. %84A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A984A98485 %AI5_OpenViewLayers: 7 %A8AF52A9A8A97DA884A859A8A9AFA9AFA9AFA9AFA9AFA9AFA9AFA9A97EA8