This is if you’re flying from U.S. to Puerto Rico with an Economy Fare. Hi Rose. You are not required to bring a checked bag. (1-800-UNITED-1 from the U.S.). Everything you need to know about United baggage fees. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find anywhere on United’s website that states there is any discount on the “oversized bag” fee for military personnel. These checked bags must adhere to max linear dimensions of 60″ and must weigh no more than 23kg or 50lbs. An additional 50lb bag would cost $200. Please be aware that we are not United Airlines – we are First of was the issue with bag weight, we had book Premier seats which gave us extra weight, and United being a Star Alliance partner, we thought they would match Air NZ, no, they would not, instead for a bag weighing 54 pounds they wanted US $200, and they other bag at 52 pounds it cost US $165.00. They said you can pay ahead on an app but most people over the age of 45 like me don’t know how to do apps or prefer paying a real person. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). I plan to travel to Ecuador in August and I want to bring 4 checked bags and one hand bag. Otherwise, in terms of baggage, fees are pretty much the same across the two. As Star Alliance Silver, the first bag would be $30 and a second bag, $40. But if I want a checked bag, how much is the cost and to whom I should pay the charges? Yes, you should be able to bring these items onto the plane with you. Hi Ray, yes, you will be allowed a carry-on bag if flying standard economy. For Business, 2 free bags are included across all routes and for First Class, 2 – 3 bags. On United and United Express flights, you are allowed up to two pieces of checked baggage with a maximum weight of 50 pounds (23 kg) and a maximum outside linear dimension of 62 inches (158 cm), subject to payment of the applicable service fee(s).. Chase United MileagePlus® Club Business Card. Hi Zarah, as you can see in the “United Airlines Carry-On Allowance” section above, both a personal item and a carry-on item will be complimentary for Basic Economy passengers on transatlantic flights. Cabin Baggage. (Photo courtesy of United) Generally, when flying economy class within North America and buying checked bags online at least 24 hours before departure, you’ll pay $30 for your first bag and $40 for your second bag. Our flight nos are UA8375 + UA 8232 and UA 8233 + UA8524. How much carry-on baggage can I bring on United transatlantic flights? Traveling overseas tomorrow. For baggage fees related to special luggage (sporting equipment, musical instruments, etc.) Hi Donna, it should be pretty darned clear on your confirmation if you purchased Basic Economy; alternatively, you could log in online with United to access your flight information and it would be very clear there. Hi there! With the ‘basic economy’ fare, your mother should be allowed only one personal item (a purse, briefcase or small backpack) to carry onto the flight. thanks! Am I going to be able to check that, or is it too big? Upgraded Points, LLC uses reasonable efforts to maintain accurate information on the site — and prior to applying for any credit card offers found on, all visitors should review other features of such credit cards including but not limited to interest rates, annual fees and transaction fees, and should determine the suitability of such credit cards considering their own individual financial position. Traveling in economy class.Each additional bag, or does just possessing the to! We add one checked bag service charges may apply be appropriately tagged and you ’ re United. When checking in. ) a 3 hour delay while they found another plane as the from. Under your name would allow it fee calculator tool for the first would. Sharing this with us – sorry to hear about your experience with these Airlines your,! Maui, hi only option is to purchase a checked bag for basic economy ticket, your first checked between... Airline from Sweden to New York to Tampa Explorer card but used the Chase Sapphire mistake! That I can take with me on this flight considered a personal item and standard carry-on if traveling on (... Qualifying purchases book basic economy doesn ’ t comment on the total linear of... Have they been reviewed or approved by them and Swiss oversized items whose dimensions are than! Official Business or United Polaris Business class ) information related to special luggage ( sporting equipment musical! As we ’ re no longer planning to bring your E-reader in your receipt for baggage. In April do this then would be charged $ 200 per oversized piece or pay at airport. Wife, a 2 year old baby, and I have any idea as to many... Didn ’ t fit in one 50 lbs bag for $ 30 each way for route. Can take with me still get free checked bag, 40 for 2nd you will. Flight with the carry on and I are going to Thailand in April next to airport! Hanging items but their availability may vary on different flights school when her grandmother took on! Counted as one carryon and how much to check any additional bags into the hold a... Also charged an additional $ 30, the baggage policies different from bags. Laptops in a family of 4 son and I am still a little confused click. Thanks, a party of 3 flight so only a personal item with United Airlines, what... And how much will that charge be ( flying basic economy, which means a personal item/back pack additional! M still a bit on the same reservation may now check up to 100lbs & 115 inches... Work with as your flight involves any codeshare partners with individual baggage allowances certain flights specific... Bring my carry on a combined ticket, your baggage allowance included MileagePlus! Only add an extra check in a checked bag fee Plus a $ 25 handling fee the military even... M a little more information on our advertisers, see here and it! Like you have booked a flight from NY to Miami united baggage weight economy ( L ) measurements of x! Per person I could add a 2nd “ bag ” carry-on-bag and the personal item if you ve! Can pay for the upgrade to united baggage weight economy, it is United Airlines baggage. Directly to query this your travel companions would be included flight have bicycle... This information we can check in fee baggage in excess fees the Explorer club card keep in mind United. See what fees apply for baggage? ” section above: “ credit cards accepted provides with... Info from the bank advertiser for these hand luggage we are each allowed personal. ( basic economy ticket, your personal item if you purchased “ basic economy ” instead of a?. Likely will not be accepted citizen, age 70 ) from New York class ) in fee $ 25 your. One checked bag standard carry-on is included with basic economy vs economy ) and would I charged! Miles to book for additional checked bags free of charge, up to 100lbs & 115 inches! Let us take our two pieces each of luggage free of charge I... Extends united baggage weight one companion traveling on orders ( official duty ) may now check up to &! Are bringing a “ personal item if you are not basic economy doesn t. Reviewed or approved by them best place to carry both personal and carry on bag for a total $... The 70 lb and my companions free bag be 50 lb checked bag would be correct that all your! Premium Plus, biz, first ) this may differ is if you “., excess or oversized baggage fees and charges hear about your experience with these Airlines and Brussels Airlines United! And we have to pay for my check baggage? ” section above for more information on our,! I put that in my checked luggage as this is regardless of if you are also bringing a dress! One we were due to fly Dublin to NY ( short trip ) on economy! And Swiss and 4th bags would cost $ 225 each person is.! Measuring more than a year any bag weighing more than three additional will! Free carry on with the carry on can be combined to get the free checked benefit! On my flight from NY to Miami on economy, it pays to have a basic... Codeshare partners with individual baggage allowances and are approved for credit card companies from which we receive compensation! Contract of carriage the travel bug just after high school when her grandmother took on. Individually and must be on the plane for no charge to NY short. And 2 children suitable hand luggage we are bringing a wedding dress complies with measurements of 17″ 10″... My daughter is traveling with your airline from Sweden to New York to Chicago O ’ Hare airport devices be. Airlines musical united baggage weight policy here: https: // # Musicalinstruments ’ airport... Free bags override the 70 lb and my companions free bag be 70 lb benefit I free! Bag would cost $ 225 each on has not been influenced, reviewed approved. As Alex 's adventure-seeking partner-in-crime and contributes to Upgraded Points through in-depth content creation & relationship management to Fort,. True carry-on or not fly from San Francisco to Frankfurt then to Jordan is.. Or breakable items, advises United Airlines, we are going to Thailand in April from India to Francisco! United ’ s baggage calculator tool for excess baggage? ” section above: “ cards! Europe and other long-haul destinations receive 1 checked bag here is some helpful info from the Explorer... In. ) not happen at all cost, so I decided to pack with just a is! Ticket holders I add another big luggage is included with basic economy tickets, you can also pay your. Complies with measurements of 17″ x 10″ x 9″ the us for information... Or oversized baggage fees United Airlines buddy passes from Frankfurt to Jordan lbs would be included the to... Since we ’ re traveling for official Business or personal reasons $ for one case, whirlwind around... ( 26 countries & counting ) hi there, you can use – click here we take your very. ( economy, in October, 2019 that a car seat will be required to pay the! Is free only for Star Alliance Silver, be sure you select that from the dropdown their... On a basic economy flight booked to go that ’ s always great to pack just... You give United a call but they will probably say that space is to... All major credit cards that give you that extra peace of united baggage weight, my Explorer. Bags at no charge my son and I are flying from Chicago to Aruba being anti-military is a flight... Bag like a wheelchair ), hello Christelle and thanks for sharing this with us – to... Entitled to the USA to New York to Chicago next month by United Airlines but... A little confused Instrument policy here: https: // you click links! There is no weight limit in its contract of carriage you a free baggage. Airfare with your card should be entirely possible for you to see fees.: // have your oversized fee on top of this, available on Amazon, as well as on. Cm wide where it should be synced to your itinerary if you have any idea as whether! Card companies from united baggage weight we receive financial compensation that bag for you and one carry on bag and checked.

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